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I provide excellent gymnastics portraits and meet coverage.

Your gymnasts work hard to develop their skills, and I capture their accomplishments in my photography, especially in my coverage of your practice sessions.  For your team and individual portraits, I will set up a studio in your gym.  Every gymnast who participates in the team portrait will receive a 5x7 team print for no charge, even if no other prints are ordered.  However, parents are delighted with my excellent photography, reasonable prices, and easy on-line proof viewing and ordering.

If you are hosting a meet, let me provide the photography coverage.  Regardless of the level of the gymnasts, I will capture their big moments competing, as well as the drama and emotion off the floor.  Parents can easily view and order prints and other items on-line after the meet.

In addition to the sample photos on this page, you can view my complete gymnastics portfolio on this site at Photo Galleries/Sports/Gymnastics.

Please call me to discuss your club's needs in detail.  Thank you!
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