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These are a few images that were in a box of slides (and a couple of black & white prints) that I recently found.  Many of the photos were taken in 1989-1990, with a few from 1993.
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This photo was taken in late November of 1993.  I came across this boy on a mountain road outside of the resort town of Sinaia.  He was trying to get home, which was about a mile and a half away.  He was getting worried because there weren't many cars on the road, and the ones that were did not stop to give him a ride.  It was getting colder, snow was starting to fall, and it was almost nightime.  Finally he set off on foot, through the snow, by himself.

Acest baiat avea noua ani, si l-am vazut intr-o seara linga drum la
margina orasului Sinaia in noiembrie, 1993.  Mergea acasa (trei kilometri, imi spunea), dar singur, facind autostop.  Astepta o ora deja, si a fost ingrijorat ca nimeni nu opreste - nici nu prea erau masini - si se facea din ce in ce mai frig, a inceput sa ninga, si se intuneca repede.  Din pacate nu aveam eu o masina atunci, si nici nu puteam sa astept cu el, sau sa merg cu el.  Nu imi amintesc ce a fost atit de important pentru mine ca nu puteam sa merg cu el pina la casa lui, si el a plecat singur pe jos prin zapada.
This roadside sign, photographed in 1989, provides the first verse of a patriotic song about the strength of the Romanian people.
The tiger exhibition at the Resita zoo; 1989.
View from a train between Deva and Cluj; 1989.
On the road between Deva and Resita; 1990.
The hills near Zlatna, north of Alba Iulia; 1990
This photo was taken from a train near Cluj in October of 1989.  The sign above the apartment building reads "Traiasca" albeit with broken letters.  "Long live the Communist Party," it proclaimed.  At that time the party was down to its final weeks.
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